The element is concealed in the top oven and does not take up any cooking space. 

  • Top oven will take approx. 1 3/4 hours to heat up to a roasting temperature, slightly longer for the 400 series.
  • Bottom oven will be used for warming plates only (as currently used). 400 series will be slightly lower than top oven temperature.


The hob plate is replaced and comes with an integral element.

The heat from the hob is the same temperature across the whole hob plate  

  • Hob will take approx. 15 mins before you can start eg frying – on most models it can get much hotter than your present hob if required.  
  • You are advised to keep the hob control no higher than setting 3 with the lids down for any EXTENDED length of time (eg warming room, drying clothes etc).  However, if a hotter hob is required for cooking (up to setting 8) it is more efficient and therefore recommended to keep lids down during the heat up period.  
  • We advise you NOT to leave the hobs on overnight – they are easily switched on and off.
  • On some conversions you will experience expansion and contraction noise as the thermostat switches on and off. 

You can choose to have your electrician fit a timer (WIFI or standard) to switch your ovens and / or hob on eg 2 hours before you get up and also switch off at night.  This is recommended for improved energy efficiency / running costs.  

This is also really useful as if the hobs were left on high for any extended period with the lids down (eg overnight) it is possible the limit safety trip will switch it off.  In this situation you will need to reset the “limit safety button” once cool enough. 

The electric supply can be run off the mains circuit as a 13 Amp switched fused spur is all that’s needed.  Your electrician will advise on this.