This is a dual control electric Rayburn conversion from the original designer of the Aga ELECTRICKIT. 

There are two elements fitted, one for the hobs and one for the oven. Temperature to each is controlled by its own thermostat which allows total flexibility. 

The hob when switched on will enable you to start cooking in 15 minutes.  

The oven will reach roasting temperature in 1 3/4 hours from cold, slightly longer for the 400 series.  The oven temperature is not affected by hob usage.

You can select the heat you want for comfort in the kitchen making it much more flexible to use.

The conversion will mean that you will need to find alternative means of heating any water for e.g. heating and / or hot water as the Rayburn will now operate as a dry cooker and space heater.

400 series now has the option of additional bottom oven element and control to give additional baking / roast oven. Please enquire for more information.