We have been asked for tips on using converted Aga’s particularly helping you to adapt from previous ways of “doing things”. We will add other ranges as they become available.

We hope the following helps and am always looking at other ways to assist so if you have any ideas please do let us know!

What I used to do

What to do now with the converted Aga


Cook stews etc in bottom oven

Use top oven for this nowSelect appropriate temperature (this will vary for everyone) e.g. 100 deg c etcCook for your normal time

For the first few occasions you will need to experiment to achieve similar results as before (exact temperatures can’t be recommended as each Aga’s bottom oven will have been different)

You are likely to want to use your bottom oven differently now- see below


Roasting in top oven

Still do this in top oven – just select appropriate temperature as per your recipe e.g. 200 deg c etc.If you want to quickly roast off (not fully cook) edges of roast potatoes just place baking dish on bottom of oven – need to watch this as edges will catch quickly


Baking in top oven

Still do this in top oven – just select desired temperature and wait for it to reach heat.  You should find this will cook your cakes to more or less the recipes timescale’s


What can I use my
bottom oven for?

This is not adjusted by a temperature control but reacts to the heat of the top oven.  An example of temperatures you can expect is as follows

160 deg c 100 deg c
200 deg c 140 deg c
230 deg c 160 deg c

So you can use it for:

Warming crockery (care could be very hot depending on temperature of top oven – we put them on for a couple of minutes)

Keeping food warm while finishing off cooking a meal


1.    Once your e.g. lasagne has cooked in top oven place it in top rung of bottom oven to brown off after removing the baking tray.

2.    To do this turn oven temperature up by e.g.20 deg or so and this will make the bottom oven act as a grill

Warm the kitchen

This will be down to personal preference – use the following to suit.Use top oven and set temperature to e.g. 160-235 deg c Run left and or right hob at low level e.g. 3-6 The Aga will heat up and can then be left on during winter either all the time or utilise timers on/off to save electricity and costs.