Cornish Cooker Conversions Ltd specialises in converting Aga and Rayburn range cookers to electric so they can run as efficiently as possible with a greener fuel.  This also makes the cooker more flexible to cook on, cheaper to run as well as being kinder to the planet.


Alan has worked in the engineering world for over 45 years and is well known for his design work and implementation of the ElectricKit Aga conversion which is now in its Twelfth year of production with over 5000 kits sold worldwide. This was taken on and is manufactured by Oilwarm Ltd in Cullompton.  

Following on from the success of the Aga ElectricKit, Alan has worked on the Energiser Kit designed to convert Rayburns to run on electric.  This enables clients to have more flexibility with both cooking and warmth.  It also allows them to move away from using fossil fuels.  

Converting the Rayburn to electric can also be the answer to various problems eg a recently condemned Rayburn which potentially could cost a huge amount to repair.  In some cases repair work may even be impossible to undertake due to spares being unavailable.  

For both Agas and Rayburns, the conversions offer a new lease of life without having to disturb the kitchen and keep them running efficiently in the 21st century with a greener fuel.  

Here is a weekly report on usage of our Aga, It is on how we like it, we have control and we get all the warmth we want without having to open windows and doors on those warm days when we have the Aga on.

OUR 2 OVEN ELECTRICKIT, usage of week ending 25/5/2024 . Now on as and when for cooking & drying

OVEN , 0 UNITS @ 28p/ unit = £0, HOBS 6 units used , cost = £1.68

Total cost for week = £1.68