We convert your Aga range by radically re-engineering the inner construction without taking away the benefits you love. By introducing your iconic Aga range to the 21st century with the ELECTRICKIT we are able to:

1. Reduce running costs by up to 80%
2. Enable it to be fume free
3. Make it flexible to operate
4. Give it easy to use controls 
5. No more servicing 
6. No flue requirements
7. Control comfort levels – warm in winter / cool in summer
8. Reduce ”heat up” and improve ”recovery” times
9. Your electrician can install timers to switch on ovens/hobs including WIFI options

What can be converted?

Typically all 2 /3 and 4 oven gas, oil, solid fuel Agas post 1945 can be converted.

Most 13 amp and 30amp electric Agas can be converted too.

If the Aga currently provides hot water either an immersion will be needed or the hot water cylinder plumbed into the central heating boiler.

To find out if your Aga can be converted please call us on 01208 812272 and we will guide you further.